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Do you find yourself feeling...

unsure of what jobs or companies to go for?

discouraged by not hearing back after applying?

unqualified for what you want?

as if you can't get past the interview stage?

like you hate job hunting?

confused about god's will for your career?

Discern your calling

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Identify the career path that's aligned with it

Land that job with a world-class resume, LinkedIn profile, networking strategy, done-for-you email templates, interview coaching, and compensation negotiation.

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Customer Success Manager in Tech

$53k increase

in Tech

Sr. Manager in
Talent Acquisition

$36k increase

Structural Engineer

UX Researcher

$20k increase

HS Dance Teacher


$8k increase


Operations & Analytics Consultant

$33k increase

Former role

new role

salary change


“I now have a tangible career direction that agrees with the core of who I am” 


“If you are looking for guidance, direction, and coaching that WORKS, I could not recommend it enough.” 


"The future has become a source of excitement instead of just a well of anxiety." 


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The worst thing you can do is just “keep thinking about it.”

Get the 8 steps YOU can use to discern your calling and align your career with it today.

we know from experience

Here’s our hot take: assessments are not designed to be a sufficient or satisfying way to address the complex nature of discerning God’s will for your career. That’s why our tried and true process is designed to combine detailed reflection, thorough market research, objective coaching, and prayer altogether for a biblical, practical, “No stone left unturned” (Luke 21:6) approach.


01. Collect detailed, industry-specific mentorship through informational interviews.

02. Use world-class credibility and rapport-building communication techniques in your resume, LinkedIn profile, cover letters, emails, and interviews that have helped clients of all backgrounds truthfully communicate their experience in a way that inspires leaders of all types to hire them. It turns out humans are humans wherever you go!

Yes! Our clients are about 50/50 male and female, ranging from 25-55 years old (most being late 20s to mid 40s), from a vast array of industries, including engineering, law, nonprofit, marketing, education, finance, tech, sales, startups, healthcare, consulting, operations, and many more. Our process works because we show you how to… 

Yes! World-class ones, in fact :) But that alone is not sufficient to land a dream job opportunity in today’s market. That’s why we also help you through all the details of mindset work, LinkedIn optimization, networking strategy, pitching directly to leadership, advanced interview coaching, and salary negotiation.

Yes! We love helping with that :) About 20% of our clients end up feeling called to start a business. If that’s the case for you, instead of working on traditional job hunt steps like optimizing your resume and interview prep, we will help you: define your business vision, identify your ideal customer niche, design your service offering, conduct detailed market research to refine and validate your offer, establish a pricing strategy, create your marketing strategy, provide website direction and feedback, give you training on how to close sales, and even tell you how to hire a virtual assistant when you’re ready. Kelsey has built multiple successful businesses and can show you how to do the same.

We are proud to offer the deepest, most personalized level of support you can find in the market. The market rate for our level of service is $5,000-$9,000, but we work hard to provide accessible solutions ranging from $500-$3,500, depending on your needs.

Ask away! Schedule a free consultation here so we can learn more about your situation, create a job search strategy, and answer any questions you may have to determine if we’re a great fit.

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“You could be thinking ‘What if it doesn't work out and I still can't find a career I love?’ But consider this...what if you do? Give it a try! I once believed that I was destined to hate my work forever, but I scheduled a consultation as a last resort just to see how career coaching works. As a result, I got a job I LOVE. Now I lead my career knowing I have a world of possibilities.”


“DO IT! It was one of the best investments that I have made with my time and money. I would not be where I am now if it weren't for her encouragement and guidance.”