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For Christian professionals who want to make a meaningful career move in the next 3-6 months, without having to go back to school or start at the bottom of the totem pole.

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You might be thinking…

Write anything from scratch: emails, resumes, LinkedIn messages, cover letters (we’ve got you covered)

Is that really possible for me? Would I have to go back to school or start at the bottom to make a switch? I've been thinking about this forever. What could finally help me land a job I love?

We’ve helped hundreds of people who started with all these doubts and more. See where they landed:

The Called Career coaching program is the premier Christian career coaching program for professionals who want to discern God’s will and land a meaningful job that’s aligned with it…without having to:

What if you could reliably find a job you loved, without feeling lost, stuck, or confused throughout the process? 

Discover the turn-key system that takes you from “I have no idea” to “I know what I’m called to do” in as little as 12 weeks.

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Spin in circles without direction, paralyzed in fear that you’ll miss God’s purpose for you

Spend more months or years of your life stuck in a career path you hate

Here’s what your counselor, pastor, friends, and personality assessments can’t give you...

Psychology-informed mindset work to help you tangibly grow in confidence, motivation, self-respect, and mastery of your craft

Practical market research, paired with biblically-informed reflection & objective coaching to help you find the job title that best matches your God-given calling

Sales-informed communication techniques that help you share your experience in a way that clicks with recruiters and hiring managers

Our Story

We are former corporate high-performers from consulting and tech sales, who once felt stuck in the vicious cycle of:

Unwilling to give up, we kept researching, praying, and iterating until God graciously answered, saying, "Go deploy my soldiers to the stations in society they were meant to serve in." 

That was in 2018. In the years since, we have founded a biblical + practical process that has helped hundreds of professionals around the world discern their calling and land a job or start a business that’s aligned with it.

Now it’s your turn.

Scrolling through the 17th page of LinkedIn job postings, unsure of what words to type in to pull up a dream job

Wondering if God gives us unique callings, or if that’s just for the special few

Spending an entire weekend applying to a job that seemed interesting, only to hear crickets

The premiere step-by-step program helping Christians biblically discern their calling and practically land a job that’s aligned with it, WITHOUT having to go back to school or start at the bottom of the totem pole.

The Called Career Coaching Program

In order to find your calling and have the courage to go after it, you’ll need three things:

1. A plane: a framework that carries you to the right destination

2. A parachute: practical assurance and spiritual confidence that you can make the leap, whether it’s landing a better job or jumping into a new industry altogether

3. A pilot: coaching, feedback, and accountability

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Part 1: Your Plane

see the next 3 steps

1. intake

This is where we take a full inventory of who God created you to be, based on a detailed exploration of your attributes, talents, values, motivation style, things that give and deplete your energy, interests, and more. We ditch basic personality assessments for a detailed understanding of what tasks and functions God has designed you to thrive doing all day long.

3. ideation

The fun part! Now it’s time to pair your overarching sense of calling with tangible job titles that align with it. Basically, we want to figure out: what is your dream job called, and who’s hiring. We’ll show you how to generate a starting list of job ideas that you can refine and expand on until you find the best match in the next step.

2. assignment

Now it’s time to understand who and where you’re called to serve with your talents and why. This is not a basic conversation about your “passions”. This is an in-depth exploration of your fascinations, subjects you could learn, research, talk about, or teach all day, and the legacy you want to leave behind through your work. This will lead us to a clearer picture of who you serve, doing what, in what setting, and why.


This is where most Christians fail to turn their vague sense of, “I want to genuinely help people and just happen to make a living doing it” into a viable career option. We will show you how to sort through your ideas, come up with better ones, and pick the best one through informational interview-based market research. This step is what makes all the difference for our clients in helping them not only gain clarity, but also a network that can lead to job offers. 


Now that you confidently know what type of job you’d like to apply for, we will help you retell your career story through an exceptionally tailored resume and LinkedIn presence that makes recruiters pay attention to you. We also love to use this process to help show YOU (not just others) that you ARE the person for the job.


Our secret sauce: we’ll show you how to supercharge your applications and even get people to create jobs for you through 8 creative categories of outreach. This makes all the difference in helping clients make non-traditional career pivots move from impossible to possible.


Ace your interviews with advanced prep techniques most candidates don’t know. On top of that, we give our full program clients UNLIMITED 1:1 interview coaching sessions to make sure your concerns are addressed and detailed questions answered before any interview you wish.


Learn to negotiate thousands more with confidence and grace. We’ll give you the exact scripts to develop a market research-backed counter offer so you don’t leave any money on the table. This step alone is worth more than the cost of the program.


Once you are successfully serving in the station you feel called to, all we ask is that you use your story to help other brothers and sisters in Christ do the same. One powerful way you can do that is by sharing your testimony and wisdom with us on the Answer the Call podcast. Stories like yours are what inspired us to step into our callings in the first place!

We don’t ignore fears. We create a plan to prevent them. We believe that if you have a fear around losing money, you don’t just need spiritual comfort. You also need a backup plan.

Prayerful connection to God

There is no calling without the One who calls. That’s why we’ve designed our program to place a natural emphasis to help you grow and maintain a strong connection with God to receive wisdom, guidance, assurance, conviction, and confidence.


Advanced job-search tools

And skills to help you continually land new and better jobs when it’s time to move into the next step of your career.


Part 2: Your Parachute

Practical prevention of fears


"The future became a source of excitement instead of a well of anxiety."


Audrey Bagarus

Former international studies student and tech sales professional for a Fortune 100 company turned career coach helping Christians successfully pivot wherever they feel called.

Kelsey Kemp

Here to help you succeed through objective coaching, personalized feedback, effective accountability, and biblically-sound encouragement to attune yourself to God’s guidance.

Former elite ballet dancer, supply chain management student, and Big 4 tech consultant, turned founder of three successful businesses.

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Part 3: Your Pilots

“Have you been running in circles and getting nowhere in your career decisions? Are you tired of hearing only the "corporate gospel" of grind and climb, or pithy Christianese answers to your questions about what God says about work and career? If "yes", then career coaching might be a great option to explore. I am so glad I gave it a chance. I got the objective point of view I needed to figure out my next career steps.”


“The insights I've gained have given me the confidence and motivation to step out of my comfort zone and even potentially into leadership roles down the line. I accepted an offer to work for a missions-driven organization leveraging my expertise.”


This program will help you experience

Whether you’ve made plenty of career leaps before, or only ever tried one thing, we can help.

Let’s walk together from where you are today to where you’re called to be.

of knowing what is up to you vs what is up to God (we’ll give you hours of biblical studies to clarify your most in-depth theological questions about discerning God’s will)


that comes from knowing how to create what you really want, whether it’s to pivot industries, become a thought leader, work for a dream company, or start a business


that comes from clear instruction and accountability that helps you hit your job hunt milestones at an encouraging pace


of never having to write from scratch when applying to jobs. We’ll help you draft an exceptional resume, LinkedIn profile, and networking emails with tried and true templates we’ve tested thousands of times.


that comes from learning to address fears, rather than ignoring them. We’ll give you the tools that have helped hundreds of our clients gain relief from insecurities, and confidently grow into who they were created to be. Mindset work is our specialty.


that comes from experiencing our thorough, “no stone left unturned” approach to gain the often-forgotten intel that’s essential to making confident career decisions.


how to get started

3. Begin your career transformation

Party time! Once the agreement and invoice is complete, you’ll receive a welcome email with access to your client portal and the link to schedule our first session. We’ll guide you every step of the way from there until we’re celebrating your success!

1. Schedule a free consultation

In our consultation, we’ll get to know your needs and share a personalized job hunt strategy with you. If it makes sense for us to work together through the details of that plan, we can discuss which of our programs is best for you.

2. Select a program

We don’t allow people to enroll on the call. We want you to prayerfully consider which of our three programs you want to commit to. Once you’re sure, reply back to our email and we’ll send over the links to get started.

our programs

Full Program

1:1 session to review your job offer of choice and finalize your counter-offer email to negotiate salary and benefits. This alone is worth more than the cost of the program.

negotiation training

2x weekly group coaching calls with a small circle of good-hearted, high-achieving Christian professionals. You can join one or both, we’re here for as much support as you need.


To the full resource library of scripts, templates, step-by-step strategy guides, and FAQ's to use for every future job hunt.

lifetime access

We’ll help you optimize every piece of your LinkedIn profile to create a professional online presence you can’t wait to show off.

linkedin optimization

Unlimited 1:1, 30 min interview coaching sessions with us before any interview you wish.

interview coaching

If there's a dream company you want to apply to, we'll show you how to get an interview, even if they don't have a position posted.

strategic networking

We’ll go through it line-by-line with you to write an ATS-friendly resume that expertly translates your background to your new ideal role, saving you tons of hours and worry.

resume optimization

20+ email templates designed to show you EXACTLY how to network to drum up ideal job opportunities, pitch to hiring managers, perform market research, lead a salary negotiation, follow up, send “thank you’s”, and more.


12 months of monthly alumni support coaching calls, so we can make sure you like your job, help you nail your onboarding period, and get on track for promotion. 

alumni support

Receive our deepest level of support, having multiple touch points with us a week until you land the job (up to 6 months), with a hybrid of 1:1s, small groups, and done-for-you services to accelerate your progress.

A series of five 1:1 coaching sessions to deeply discern your calling and identify the best job title(s) that align with it.


2x weekly short and sweet prayer calls to connect with God, ask for guidance, and commit your job search to His service.


Unlimited! Just email us any Q’s related to your job search.


most popular

Clarity Program

Discern your calling and identify the job title(s) or business concept that’s aligned with it.

2x weekly prayer calls to connect with God, ask for guidance, and commit your job search to His service.


Email support for any questions you have about clarifying your calling.


This program is best for those who want help with career planning and design, but do not need our help with the details of executing your job hunt (resume, LinkedIn, networking, applying, interview coaching, negotiation, etc.).

A series of five 1:1 coaching sessions to deeply discern your calling and identify the best job title(s) that align with it.


Self-Guided Program

Gain access to our comprehensive Find Your Calling Framework with lifetime access to the extensive video, audio, and written instruction to help you discern your calling and land a job that’s aligned with it at your own pace.

This program is best for self-starters who are comfortable holding yourself accountable to achieve your goal, without coaching sessions or Q&A email support, through fully self-guided instruction.

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The investment

Cost of going back to school: $30,000+

Cost of the closest comparable coaching programs you can find: $5,000-$9,000

Opportunity cost of remaining without a job if you’re unemployed: $5,000+ a month

Career coaching with us: Get started for as little as $500 (*less than half* the price of one already-forgotten college course) for our Self-Guided Program, $1,800 for the Clarity Program, or $3,500 for the Full Program.

If you’ve done your homework and spoken with other seasoned career coaches, you’ll know this is the deepest, most value-packed Christian career coaching you will find. This is not a cost, but rather an investment that reaps a compounding return throughout the 1/3rd of your life you’ll spend at work.

Payment plans

We recognize career coaching is an important and substantial investment for many professionals. For this reason, we work alongside every client to craft a payment plan that makes sense, with installments that can vary across 2-5 months, depending on the program you select.

You can't go wrong

All programs include lifetime access to our full 8-step curriculum with templates, tools, and step-by-step written, video, and audio instruction to help you through every future job hunt. The rest comes down to how much 1:1 coaching support you prefer to keep you clear, motivated, and accountable to the process.

why it works

Because our work isn’t based on basic assessments, empty conversation, prosperity gospel, or pithy advice. It’s a tried and true system that works because it’s biblically sound and practically thorough. We will instruct you through the intricate details of steps you didn’t even know you needed to ultimately save you valuable time, prevent frustration, and spare you from the roadblocks that hold others back from pursuing fulfilling careers.

You don’t want to invest months or years into your next job, only to find it as unsatisfying as the last

You’re willing to work diligently, follow instructions, try things even if they are new to you, and take your emotions to God throughout the process

You’re tired of wondering why you’re not hearing back from any job applications

You’ve been experiencing the Sunday Scaries for months, or even years, and need accountability and counsel to actually make a change

You’re trusting of the fact that if it’s worked for hundreds of people before you, it can work for you

we are for you if...

You’re passionate about finding a career that maximizes your potential and uses the best of your talents in service to others

You expect results without putting in the effort. As all successful people know, you have to be willing to accept short-term discomfort for long-term joy, rather than convincing yourself that long-term, low-grade discomfort in your career is “fine”, just so you can avoid the short-term discomfort of making a change.

You are not practiced in emotional regulation. There are highs and lows that are a natural part of job searches. This program is for professionals who seek the right resources for managing stress, so they can show up to our meetings with positivity and professionalism. We work hard to craft a group culture that makes everyone excited and encouraged to join our weekly calls.

we are Not for you if...

You’re expecting a magic pill to a movie-like career. We can’t promise that. Sacrifices and struggles are part of this world, but we are here to help you find a career that feels unequivocally worth the work.

frequently asked questions


We recommend marking out 5-10 hours a week on your calendar until you land an exciting new job. If you only have 5 hours a week, split it up into 5 x 50 min increments before or after work, or 2 x 30 mins during the week + a 4 hour chunk over the weekend. Of course, if you have more time on your hands and want to accelerate your progress, you are welcome to go through the process as quickly as you’d like!




Yes! Our clients are about 50/50 male and female, ranging from 25-55 years old (most being late 20s to mid 40s), from a vast array of industries, including engineering, law, nonprofit, marketing, education, finance, tech, sales, startups, healthcare, consulting, operations, and many more. Our process has worked across a wild array of industries because we’ll show you how to… 

1) Collect detailed, industry-specific mentorship through informational interviews

2) Use world-class credibility and rapport-building communication techniques in your resume, LinkedIn profile, cover letters, emails, and interviews that have helped clients of all backgrounds truthfully communicate their experience in a compelling way that inspires leaders of all types to hire them. It turns out humans are humans wherever you go!


Exciting! We’re here for you. While many of our clients are seeking to make some sort of pivot in their careers, plenty feel called to grow in mastery of their current craft. In this case, our program is still tailor-made to help you understand what kind of companies to target, and to put your best foot forward in the job hunt so you can achieve offers that increase your seniority, pay, and caliber of company.



With lifetime access to our detailed, step-by-step curriculum, you will have all the resources you need to complete your job hunt when you’re ready. Additionally, we provide unparalleled support for our alumni. 


Yes! We love helping with that :) About 20% of our clients end up feeling called to start a business. If that’s the case for you, instead of working on traditional job hunt steps like optimizing your resume and interview prep, we will help you: define your business vision, identify your ideal customer niche, design your service offering, conduct detailed market research to refine and validate your offer, establish a pricing strategy, create your marketing strategy, provide website direction and feedback, give you training on how to close sales, and even tell you how to hire a virtual assistant when you’re ready. Kelsey has built multiple successful businesses and can show you how to do the same.


Ask away! Schedule a free consultation here so we can learn more about your situation, create a job search strategy, and answer any questions you may have to determine if we’re a great fit.

“My favorite part? Her confidence in what she does (due to her experience and exemplary work ethic) which made me feel at ease. I knew I was in good hands from the first meeting to the last. She is unparalleled.”


“It’s hard spending money on myself, but I’m so glad I did. The investment in myself and in my trajectory of the future is worth it.”


Cheering you on,

We know it can be scary to ask for help, especially when society leads us to believe we should be able to figure out the perfect career all on our own.

But we didn’t get here alone, and neither should you.

Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor: If either of them falls down, one can help the other up. Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken. -Ecclesiastes 4:9-10, 12

audrey & kelsey

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